Infrastructures of imagination

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Vídeo das conferências e do debate realizado na Universidade de Princeton, em 11 de abril, com a participação de Guilherme Wisnik. Tema: “Infrastructures of imagination: new theories of tomorrow”. A comunicação de Wisnik começa no minuto 10:00, e a do Professor Luís Antônio Jorge, também docente da FAUUSP, no minuto 38:30.

From overpopulation to environmental catastrophe, anxieties about the future dominate much of the contemporary discourse on cities. Among them, water features prominently in utopian and dystopian fantasies of the city. The workshop brought into conversation different imaginaries of water, including literature, art and urban design. Comparing São Paulo with the example of the Los Angeles River in the United States, the workshop explored the cultural and artistic imagination of water in situations of scarcity and rapid urban growth. As urban agglomerations in the so-called Global South surpass European and North American cities as the world’s largest and fastest-growing, new understandings of water and urban life came into view.