BRICS+ City Lab

BRICS+ City Lab is an international scientific and research community of experts and governmental officials from the BRICS countries. It runs international comparative research and case studies about metropoitan governance in the global south. The BRICS+ City Lab has participants from FAU-USP (Laboratório para Outros Urbanismos),the University of Witswaterrandthe Institute for Urban Economy, the Moscow Architectural Institute, the Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism at the Higher School of Economics National Research University, the Skolkovo Centre for Urban Studies (SUrbC), the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (China), the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil), the University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa), the Centre for Policy Research (India) and others. The project is coordinated by Philip Harrisson (University of Witswaterrand, Johannesburg),

The inaugural BRICS+ City Lab Coloquium took place in the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences in 22-23 November 2015, when the group and its mission were created.

group photo (1)

Group picture, I BRICS+ City Lab Seminar, Shanghai 22-23 November 2015


In 7-9 december 2016 the II BRICS+ City Lab Colooquium was held in Moscow, russia. The Colloquium’s Program was composed of panel discussions of specialists from the 5 BRICS countries and the USA. Some of the outcomes of the Conference can be read at this Report on the II BRICS+ City Lab Colloquium.